Traditional Marketing Ideas That Still Work

In this tech-focused time, it’s easy for some businesses to move away from the seemingly old-fashioned traditional marketing techniques and focus all of their attention in the digital space. However, particularly for local businesses that are starting small and working with a limited budget, those traditional marketing strategies can still do wonders for building and promoting your business. These are just a few easy to implement traditional ideas that will still get your services out there without blowing your whole budget on marketing.

Simple but effective signage:

When it comes to signage and banner promotions, they can definitely still do the job. Design is crucial when it comes to the success or failure of this strategy. A great sign can get thousands (or more, depending on your reach) of eyes on your business and notify people about what services you offer in a simple but powerful way. If you look into banner signs melbourne, you’ll find that the best banners and signs are those that have been designed carefully with specialist support to ensure that your brand is represented well and that the design of the banner draws attention in a positive, memorable way.

Donate prizes at events.

Check out what events are going on in your area and sponsor a raffle or contest prize. It won’t cost your business much at all, but it’ll draw attention to your business’s name, give you an opportunity to give the local community an idea of what services you’re offering, and help create a positive brand image for your new business. This can be especially effective if the event is charity-related, as your brand will then be associated with philanthropy and giving back in some way to the local community.

Get flyers out in the area.

Flyers may seem so basic and simple that it’s hard to believe they can really work, but when it comes to promoting your business in your area like at the beauty bar, they can be surprisingly effective. The key is in designing a flyer that grabs attention and generates an appealing image for your brand, and in being strategic about where you place them. Consider where your target market is likely to spend time, then pin your flyers or hand them out in those areas. If you have enough space in your budget, it may be helpful to hire a freelance designer to make sure your flyer has immediate impact.

Visit trade shows.

Trade shows are still an important space for new business owners who want to network with others who may have more connections than them, make sure the industry is aware of their product or services, and find a way for their brand to claim its place in the industry. Book a booth at local trade shows and use the smaller events as a warm-up event for the larger shows where you’ll meet bigger names and potentially important clients.

Use introductory specials.

If people have never heard of your business before, they may need an extra-special, great value offer to help get them interested in your product. Introductory offers are a simple way to generate interest, especially if you advertise them in your local newspapers, with flyers, and online. If the product or service is impressive, they should be happy to come back once the introductory offer has ended.

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