Things to think about before opening your own coffee shop

For many people looking to start their own business, something in the service industry is often the chosen path. Restaurants and coffee shops are very popular routes for people with limited qualifications, a love of people and the ability to organize effectively. In short, the same way that working as a waitress or waiter is one of the few jobs that anybody can get, so too, with some savings and a will to work hard, running your own coffee shop is an option for most people. If this is something that you are considering, here are a few factors to think about as you embark on your journey.

Renting is often better

Set up costs for any business are usually high, so unless you are well bank-rolled or very confident of success, don’t be afraid to rent rather than to buy equipment. Coffee machines and other important pieces of equipment don’t come cheap so rather look online to see if you can find a partner who will rent you the vital bits and pieces that you need. A simple Google search for something like, ‘cafe supplies Melbourne’ will give you the answers that you are looking for, and while over time, renting might work out more expensive, it’s an option that will save you on major capital outlay at the start.

Location is always vital

Make sure that you open in the right place, this cannot be stressed enough. You can do everything right but have the restaurant in a place that doesn’t get enough passing trade, or which is in an area already served by too many outlets and you will almost certainly fail. So, do you research thoroughly – there are almost certainly enough people who like coffee and cake, it is just a case of making sure that they can find you easily enough.

What makes you unique

Don’t just be another coffee shop. We have already established that there are lots of coffee shops out there and that they are quite easy to open, so make sure that your stands out from the others. What will be your unique selling point? Is it the service? Is it the prices? Is there something unique about the coffee or the beans you use? Maybe it’s your confectionery that stands out… Whatever it is, you need to know what it is, and you need to ensure that it sets you apart from the crowd.

Be present

A coffee shop is not a great angle for a side hustle, it is a venture that needs its owner present. As the owner you give it a vibe and a flavour. The staff will be on their toes if you are there and the patrons will enjoy interacting with the person who runs the show. From time-to-time you can dispense free cups and you can socialise with the clientele. A recent survey showed that customers liked one of two things: they liked the familiarity and consistency provided by large franchises and they liked the attention to detail and intimacy afforded by business owner run and managed boutique venues. So, if you are not buying a franchise then you need to be there to make it fly and provide the experience that your customers will be looking for.



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