Planning The Ideal Exhibition Presentation

Planning, setting up, and running an exhibition stand at a major event can put a great deal of pressure on any business owner, particularly if you’re just starting out or have major targets that need to be met. It’s can feel tough to stand out in a busy exhibition hall, particularly when many of your competitors will undoubtedly be present. However, an exhibition is an awesome opportunity to show off what your company or product has to offer, and to get the word out about your brand. Good planning can ensure that you make the most of the day and see some seriously impressive results.

Get Professional Support

If you’re no design expert and nobody on your team has a wealth of experience creating impressive exhibition displays, it’s definitely worth bringing in some experts to make sure your stand really makes an impact. You can hire a service that will collaborate with you to design and create a custom exhibition stand that use the latest technology to draw as much attention to your brand as possible. There’s no need to go it alone – so bringing in professional support could be an extremely sensible use of some of that marketing budget.

Bring Your Best People

Let’s face it – some people are great at chatting with strangers and making sales, while others are better suited to working hard behind the scenes. There’s no shame in that – but it’s crucial that you choose the right people to man your stand when you set up your exhibition team. Make sure they know your product and brand extremely well, are enthusiastic and friendly, and feel comfortable approaching strangers with confidence. An introverted, awkward person who stutters and panics when asked questions about your product could do serious damage to your brand.

Be Careful With Freebies

Most people who visit exhibition shows do expect to come away with a fair amount of free merchandise from the stands they check out. The branded free giveaway items you choose could really make a difference to the potential client or customer’s impression of your business as a whole. Think creatively instead of handing them a branded pen that will be lost within a few hours.

Try to come up with items that mesh well with your brand instead of having no real relationship to what you do. For example, an eco-focused brand should be giving away eco-friendly branded freebies. Consider what your visitor actually wants to take away and what they’ll hold onto, remember, or pass onto a friend, and then manufacture enough of them to make sure you don’t run out halfway through the event.

Get The Word Out

Don’t make your appearance at the trade show a surprise event – let people know beforehand that you’ll be there and encourage them to come along for a chat or consultation. Use your website and social media channels to announce your plans for the exhibition event, and give your readers a good reason to come along for the day. You can also use your regular email marketing schedule to send out a reminder to your subscribers, prospective leads, and clients to let them know that you’ll be present on the day so they have your brand in mind when they walk into the space.

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