How to make your office more user-friendly

If you manage an office or a business, then one of the key areas of your focus is no doubt your staff and the people who work there. Creating a happy work environment means healthier staff and more productive ones. But getting that feel right, making a space where people want to be, is not easy, or more specifically it doesn’t come easily to most people. Bu the truth is that it doesn’t need to be hard. Here are a few simple tips and idea to help make for a happier, healthier and overall more productive workspace.

Feed the people

Food and drink go hand in hand with happiness. We all know how badly children who have not eaten behave. How temper tantrums become the order of the day and logic flies out the window. Well, the same applies to adults. So, make sure that there are always food and beverages on hand. To this end supply the basics for free, bread and fruit and milk and water. But, if budgets are tight then look to make additional things available at a cost rather than for free. Check online to see if you can find any coffee vending machines for sale, or some machines that dispense cooldrink, chip, and chocolates. If you can find some of these get them installed. Not only will you be feeding your people, but you will also be creating an additional revenue stream on the side. And if you don’t want to be milking your staff, then let it be known that the profits from the sale of these items will be used to pay for the Christmas party.

Fun and games

An office where there is scope for some fun and games in down times is a great idea. Look to bring in a foosball table or table tennis, a darts ball or even nerf guns. The idea here is not to create a playground where staff can do nothing but games all day. Rather the idea is to create a space where staff from different teams can get to know each other as people, not just colleagues. Where there is an opportunity to blow off steam and where you can have fun.

Air, light, and nature

Make your workspace one that feels good. Dark rooms with no natural light and poor air-flow are recipes for disaster. Because humans have a natural desire to be outdoors and in nature, you need to try and make it feel as though that is where they are. Bring in plants for oxygen and for impact. Natural light and fresh air help tremendously as well. Your staff will feel fresher for longer and they won’t constantly feel the need to go outside for fresh air or a change of scenery.


One of the most important ways to get the most out of your staff is to trust them. Treat them like children or prisoners and that is how they will behave. But treat them as partners and adults and they will respond appropriately. Make sure that you convey this feeling to them and watch how their morale and productivity improve.


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