Growth Hacking for Digital Businesses

You may have heard of “life hacks,” which are simpler ways to accomplish everyday tasks like tying shoelaces or fixing a leak on the roof. Growth hacks for businesses follow the same idea. Essentially, growth hacking techniques draw on unconventional and easy-to-do tactics to allow companies to market products better and at a lesser cost, promoting overall business growth. Growth hacking works best for digital businesses that mainly operate online. Read ahead to find out several extremely useful growth hacking tips any digital business can benefit from:

Redirect Pay-Per-Clicks Away from the Homepage

Pay-per-click ads are an excellent source of traffic particularly for bloggers and online start-ups. However, Pay-per-click ads can go very wrong if the ads direct users to the homepage of your website. If the copy of the pay-per-click ad exactly matches the content on your homepage, then by all means do direct traffic there. Otherwise, customers will be instantly turned off. For example, say you are a travel agency that has a pay-per-click ad for tour packages to Japan. If the ad links to your homepage that promotes your company as a travel agency, customers will not stop and browse. If you want the pay-per-click ad to succeed, you will need to link it to the page on your site that promotes tour packages to Japan.

Use Referrals to Drive Sales

Don’t underestimate the power of user referrals for boosting sales. Make offers for your existing customers to refer your product or service to someone else in return for something special, like free shipping for an order or a free album to download. Dropbox, the cloud service, mastered the art of referral to increase their growth by an astonishing 3,900 per cent. Dropbox achieved this simply by asking their existing customers to refer their service in return for extra storage space.

Redesign Website Based on Customer Feedback

You will need to redesign and optimise your website occasionally to stay ahead in the game. However, many digital businesses often find themselves investing heavily in redesigning their websites, only to experience pathetic conversion rates. Obviously, there’s little point in spending a lot of money on a sleek website if customers don’t click on your products.  The biggest reason for this is that businesses design websites based on what’s trending and what the competition is doing. Your website is for the use of your customers, not business rivals, so you need to base your design ideas on what customers like or dislike about browsing your website.

Great example: Groove, a help desk software company, had a good online business but with a measly 2.3 per cent conversion rate on their homepage. Groove then called customers for their ideas on what the company could do to improve the website. After the company redesigned the website using customer feedback, the conversion rate more than doubled.

Attract Paying Customers by Cold Calling

You want your advertising efforts to convert to sales. Have you tried cold calling yet? Even if you are a digital business, it doesn’t hurt to get in touch with customers by phone. When you call people, your company can appear more legitimate than just another website online. Cold calling may be time consuming, but will reap you great benefits in terms of sales.

So, if you want your sales to go through the roof for the upcoming year without spending too much on marketing, try one of the suggestions above.

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