Four simple ways to grow green thumbs

Considering that your house is probably the most important asset that you will ever own it comes as no surprise that people want to be proud of their homes and to be as comfortable and content with their habitat as possible. To this end fortunes are spent doing alterations, painting, fixing and repairing the property – it is a never-ending calling for most home-owners. One area though that is often neglected is the garden. People either like gardening or they don’t, and with the latter group it often means that the garden is neglected and tatty. It lowers the overall tone of the property as well as it’s value. But the truth is that gardening can be simple, and anybody can create a nice garden if they just apply some basic common-sense rules and ideas. Here are a few tips to help take the pain out of gardening.


Consult widely

Gardening is no more difficult or easy than plumbing, carpentry or electrical work. If you needed to rewire your house, you wouldn’t think twice about calling an electrician and you would consult a builder if you wanted to knock down a wall or install a loft. So why is it that people are so reticent to consult with gardening experts if they want a great garden. You don’t necessarily need somebody to do all the work, but to make sure that the plan and the strategy is correct consult with people who know what they are doing. Use the internet to search for something like ‘landscape architect Sydney’ and contact a professional. Have them plan the layout and advise on what plants will work. Then it is over to you and your spade.


Indigenous is good

For the lowest levels of maintenance and for the greatest success with what you plant, use flora that is found locally in the area. These plants are adapted to the conditions and they will thrive. Yes, tulips might be your favourite flowers or roses might seem more appropriate, but if they are not going to last then adapt your choices – you will be amazed at just how easy it is to keep the right plants alive.


Make it easy

There are a lot of simple life-hacks that can be employed to take the pain out of garden maintenance. A great example of the business is a grey-water system. These are common installations in drought affected areas. Simply put a grey-water system takes your bath or shower water (or the water from your washing machine and dishwasher) and pumps it onto the garden. So, standing with a hose at the end of a long day is suddenly not a requirement, turn on the shower and your garden is watered at the same time. It saves you money and time and it is a properly eco-friendly win.


Grass isn’t always greener

Traditionally a lawn is a very important feature of a garden. It looks lovely and it is a space for entertaining and playing. But, the reality about lawn is that it is also the most maintenance-heavy part of the garden. An unmaintained lawn looks very tatty which means that mowing on a regular basis becomes essential. Weeding is also critical to avoid the spread of thorns. The truth is that the more space you have planted the greener the garden will look, and the less maintenance will be required.



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