Business Trends to Follow in 2018

Since the introduction of Google-the largest search engine in the world, advertising and marketing have never been the same again. Online marketing is increasing day by day, from the year Google was launched in 1998. Despite the fact that numerous entrepreneurs were reluctant at first, digital marketing has turned to be a necessary and primary form of promoting for almost every business.

As a matter of fact, according to Adobe’s survey of marketers, which was conducted in the year 2013, only 9% of respondents said that digital marketing had actually helped their businesses (Adobe, 2013). Then, three years later, a similar survey (Ascend, 2016) conducted by Ascend states shown approximately 81% of respondent businesses admitted digital marketing was an effective technique; through which they were able to achieve their marketing goals.

The following are a few essential business trends to follow in 2018:

Budget Marketing

Digital marketing keeps on getting more costly as years go by. This is due to a higher increase in competition and digital marketing budgets; making it very common for businesses to spend almost 3/4th of their promotion budget exclusively on paid campaigns. But, this is not supposed to happen any longer.

With brilliant techniques such as constructing a broad email list, specific targeting, and influencer marketing, you can easily advertise to your target audience, meaning that you will not spend a lot of money. However, budget marketing shouldn’t be done only to online marketing.

Using smart office spaces such as virtual offices of plug and play offices you can also minimize expenditure and save a lot of funds quickly; that could help you to adequately promote your brand online. Therefore, instead of renting out a very expensive space, you can use that particular money in your marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing

In 2018, you need to take Social Media Marketing to the next level, because most of the internet users are on various social media platforms, especially on Facebook. Another factor you need to take into account is that social media ads are very cheap compared to Google ads. And, on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you get a chance to build strong connections with your clients and enhance brand recognition.

Mobile Marketing

Did you know that approximately 87% of internet users surf it through their smartphones? And, that in each and every second 9 new mobile users are added (Global Web Index, 2016).

Furthermore, even Google has started encouraging mobile-friendly websites by favoring them in its search results. Currently, having a website isn’t enough anymore. You also need to ensure that your company’s website is mobile-friendly.

Every year comes with new trends and strategies. Although digital marketing is fundamental to any business, your success will be determined by how you do it. By following these trends, entrepreneurs can get the best from digital marketing. Don’t forget to base your final marketing strategy to your company’s goals and cater to the needs of your customers. After all, a happy customer is the best business strategy of all!


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