A Simple Guide to Cosmetic Surgery

plastic surgery

It’s not difficult to see why cosmetic surgery is so popular in Australia – for a small cost, people are able to feel much better about themselves, and this kind of confidence carries over in a huge variety of things they do, helping them to succeed in the long term. Although the rewards of the procedure are relatively simple to glean, there are actually quite a few things that many do not know about the procedures themselves – what the involve, what the recovery time might be and the kinds of results they should expect. For this reason, in this article we take a quick look at what cosmetic surgery is all about to give you better idea if it’s the right solution for you.

What should you consider when contemplating cosmetic surgery?

Whether you’re looking for an abdominoplasty in Melbourne or rhinoplasty in Sydney, cost is likely one of the first things you’re going to consider when working out whether cosmetic surgery is the right option for you. If this rings true for you, you may have also have heard of people travelling overseas to save big on their procedures. Although this is certainly a cost-cutting method, it is a method that can result in quite a few issues down the track – many of them monetary. Without local and qualified Australian surgeons completing the work, there is a much greater chance that you’ll have shoddy work done, and with this being your face and body, that’s not something you should  be considering! With this out of the way, lets get into what cosmetic surgery actually is. This form of surgery is performed purely for cosmetic reasons, as the name implies, distinguishing it from other forms of surgery such as reconstructive surgery. The surgery can be performed by either plastic surgeons or by cosmetic surgeons, but plastic surgeons are the only ones qualified to carry out reconstructive surgery (surgery for people who have suffered some kind of damage to their body).

The difference between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery

Although it might seem insignificant on paper, the differences between plastic and cosmetic surgeons is quite significant. Plastic surgeons are doctors who pursue a minimum of 5 years extra training after receiving their medical license, which then allows them to receive a specialist qualification through the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS). Plastic surgeons are recognised by the Australian Government, but cosmetic surgeons are not, as any doctor can qualify for the cosmetic surgeon title. After consulting with your GP and voicing your desire to get cosmetic surgery, there should be some basic questions you must ask yourself – things like risks, your needs, and the importance of the procedure to you. Once you go ahead, finding the right surgeon for your needs will also likely be based on several questions, such as their relevant qualifications,  alternative options, the associated costs, complications and risks, in addition to all of the preparation and recovery information you need to know about your specific procedure.

Is cosmetic surgery right for you?

Although it may seem to be the right answer for you, cosmetic surgery should not be something you rush to get. Instead, it’s important to take a step back and really understand why you want the medical procedure and if it really is worth the time, monetary expense, and often pain that cosmetic surgery might necessitate.

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